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Seen-by-Scene came into existence in 1947, right after the end of the great war. Paul Spencer Karr, one of the most creative minds of his time, founded our company. Paul was a producer and director for the NBC television network. He and his childhood buddy, Don McDermott, were among other things, excellent animators. Together they created much of the animated commercial work broadcast throughout the infancy of television.

Our company has thrived through the last half century because we've always worked smart, stayed creatively ahead, been incredibly fun to work with, and not been afraid to try things before they're cool. That's our brand. LOOK AT OUR REEL

Today Paul and Don are no longer with us, but we still have some of the most gilt-edged creative minds in this business. Paul's vision was always in the 21st century... it's great to finally be there so others can see what he saw!

Paul Karr


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